Matthew Conduit's book 'Chora' features in Materia Gallery's inaugural exhibition in Rome


On Landscape # 2 aims to expand on research initiated by its first exhibition (*On Landscape # 1), engaging in further reflection on representations of landscape in relation to a set of preconceived ideas, traditions and pictorial conventions. ...more

Quad Photoforum Event


Alternative Landscape: Matthew Conduit will join Paul Hill at February's Format Photoforum event at Quad, Derby, to discuss his work. Is it possible to get away from the cliché in order to offer a new perspective on this immensely popular genre? 26th February, 2013. ...more

'Chora' Exhibition Review: Dig Yorkshire


Jade Montserrat reviews the Chora exhibition at Woodend, Scarborough, UK

(Dig Yorkshire) ...more

'Chora' at Woodend Scarborough


An installation from the Chora exhibition is on show at Woodend, The Crescent, Scarborough UK from July 2nd to July 27th.
(Woodend) ...more

'A Modern Romance'


20-21 Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, UK. 3 March - 19 May 2012.

Group exhibition featuring Paul Collinson, Matthew Conduit, Esther Johnson, Salvatore Fiorello, Steve Hawley, Helen Saunders, Michael Szpakowski, Sean Williams, Jonathan Wilkinson.

Matthew Conduit’s photographs are meticulous large scale studies of spaces on the edges of the city. Intricate, elegant and immaculately executed, they depict birch, hawthorn, bramble and buckthorn, excluded from any sense of landscape, pictorially removed from horizon and sky.

Whilst the images appear to represent the forces of 'pure nature', they are all in fact made within dormant areas on the urban borderline that have been altered, used and re-used in varying ways by man over centuries, and are in fact post industrial landscapes in one form or another.

Dominic Mason, 20-21 Arts Centre ...more

Landscape Stories


Matthew's work is now featured on Landscape Stories.


occursus Exhibition


Matthew's Chora work is featured in the new occursus exhibition at DLA Piper, Sheffield.

Matthew Conduit’s imposing images have a quality of permanence and of powerful materiality. Whether the lens captures the immemorial stone of Wirksworth’ impressive quarries or the profuse wildlife of untamed woodlands in a more familiar England, Conduit translates the overwhelming visible stimuli that surround us, through a photographic production that is both realistic and intensely conceptual. Whereas the horizontal composition of the images asserts the stability and compactness of the real, the acute awareness of colours, lines and variations within the frame realise an enticingly sensuous abstraction. Therefore, Conduit’s approach to specifically human imprints is more inclusive than actually dominant. In the artist’s generous and encompassing vision of the physical density that surrounds us, the presence of human beings is made manifest only through the account of disseminated traces and Time-swept relics, bold and monumental yet fragile as the intricate flora that bursts from the mesmerizing tableaux of his Chora series.

Violette Alfonsi, 2012


New Landscape Photography


Matthew's work has been featured on the New Landscape Photogaphy website.


New Untitled Print Studio Website


A new website for the Untitled Print Studio has just been launched, providing full details and prices.


AN Interview With Matthew Conduit


AN interview Matthew about his work history and the impact of the recession on the arts in Sheffield compared to the 1980's.

(AN Interview)

Lens Culture International Exposure Awards


Matthew's new work has been awarded an honourable mention award in the Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2011. The premiere screening of the Lens Culture Award Winners 2011 will take place on January 20 2012 at the San Francisco Art Institute, California. The presentation of this award-winning work will be the opening act for the San Francisco PhotoAlliance 2012 Lecture Series.

(Lens Culture)

Untitled Print Studio


Matthew has set up a new print studio to support his own production and to produce high quality giclee exhibition prints to other artists and photographers.

(Untitled Print Studio)

Wirksworth Festival Commission


Matthew was commissioned by Wirksworth Festival in Derbyshire in the summer of 2011 under the 'Situation Critical' curated programme. Matthew produced a new piece for the festival, exhibited from the 9th to 25th September 2011.

(Wirksworth Quarry Images)


'Chora' Publication


A new limited edition book, 'Chora' published by Contours featuring the work was launched alongside the exhibition SIA Sheffield. ...more

Exhibition: 'Chora'


Matthew's new work was exhibited at the Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery (SIA) in Sheffield, from July 22nd to September 7th 2011. ...more

Arts Council Award


Matthew Conduit received an Arts Council England grant award to develop new work and prepare for exhibition.

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